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October 20, 2017


Our 9th Annual SpecTECHular open house event is dedicated to
helping you learn from world class instructors on trends happening within the industry.

Our instructors are at the forefront of the industry and know first-hand the knowledge that current professionals are seeking to advance their skills. Whether you are beginning your career or looking to advance your skills, we believe being knowledgeable is important for success. Check out other sessions, and don't miss the opportunity to get empowered through learning!

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About Us

With over 35 years of pioneering technology training, it's no surprise New Horizons has become the world's largest independent training company. We were here when Apps. were being served, not downloaded to your phone. We have cultivated relationships with innovators in the industry, and harbored top-notch instructors who are fully aware of the ever changing landscape of the industry. Despite the constant change, our mission has remained the same:

"We empower people around the world to succeed through learning."